TSL Silesia Sp. z o.o. has been in Medyka since 2015, as a Customs Agency, providing services to a large extent the metallurgical market in the form of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products both in import and export.

Medyka as crucial railway dry transshipment port in south-eastern Poland is a gateway for freight traffic on the east-west and north-south routes. In addition being located at the external border of the European Union and at the crossing of two railway systems; standard gauge (1435 mm, Poland and EU) and broad gauge (1520 mm, ex-Eastern Bloc countries) gives a wide spectrum of reloading possibilities.

Currently, in the changing, pandemic reality, office in Medyka starts an innovative project called Mobile Customs Agency (Mobilna Agencja Celna MAC), within the reach of most of the goods-crossings on the Polish and Ukrainian border.

The service adressed to private railway carriers, containing comprehensive services for cross-border crossings in import and export, comprising:


implemented as the first, in Poland at the freight border crossing Medyka – Mosciska 2. The novelty implements The Digital Border as a part of polish National Tax Administration system called SATOS.

Its biggest feature – solving clients, customs agencies and forwarding agents problems.