A key facility in the structure of our company’s custom services is the Customs Agency office located at the Slawkow Debowa Gora Railway Terminal. As part of the powers of attorney granted, we will carry out on your behalf all the formalities required by the law related to international trade, regardless of the type of goods, transport used or required for the application of the customs regime. In the course of many years of work, we have gained knowledge and skill, and above all the trust of custom authorities, which resulted in a numer of privileges in the application of legal provisions.

By dint of the AEO status, we have the possibility to apply the simplifications and procedural facilitations provided for in national and EU regulations, at the client’s request, in contacts with customs authorities in the field of ​​customs and taxes. Their use is possible thanks to the possession of appropriate permits issued by customs offices after long-term audit processes (simplified / incomplete declaration / entry in the register / art. 33a of the VAT Act).

Among the solutions we use to accelerate the flow of goods, also worth mentioning is the use of national centralized clearance, which allows us to carry out customs formalities at every customs office in the country.

As part of customs services we also offer the possibility of applying – in particular legal situations – the security of the potential amounts of customs debt and taxes indicated in the declarations.   

In addition to performing the basic customs duties on request, The Slawkow Customs Agency, offers expert assistance in customs advisory and consultation: during customs control, appeal or checking procedures.

Our employees also conduct trainings on selected elements of the subject of foreign trade in goods and the application of the provisions of the Act of the monitoring system for road and rail transport and trade in SENT goods.

The experts employed can assess the correctness of compiliance with the customs law or the SENT Act, as well as prepare formalized procedures for employees, tailored to the specificity of the company

The staff of the Customs Agency Slawkow Branch, due to their many years of practical experience and the extensive knowledge gained, is well prepared to professionally execute your orders in the above-mentioned areas.