Reloading point in Slawkow

TSL SILESIA Sp. z o.o. Slawkow Branch, 29 Debowa Gora st, 41-260 Slawkow

TSL Silesia Branch in Slawkow is particulary significant from the importers or exporters point of view. The branch seat has been located in one of the biggest „dry ports” in Poland, on the „LHS Railway” at the Slawkow Handling Terminal. The railway route in this place, running from the border in Hrubieszow, is connected with the north-south railway route. Moreover the place provides an easy access to the most important transport channels running via the A1 and A4 highways and the S1 expressway. Such an advantageous location of the Slawkow Agency, at the same time close to the terminal with the most-industrial Polish region – Upper Silesian Industrial Region – allows us to offer you the widest possible range of reloading, transport, forwarding and customs services.

Our professional support in the meeting customs duties, organization of supply chains and other cargo operations is directed to traders, forwarding agents, carriers and other participants of international trade.

As part of cargo handling in Slawkow, we offer, among others:

The knowledge and experience of customs agents and forwarding agents allow us to implement every activities requested and duties, resulting from customs, tax and other regulations. By dint of our AEO status, we are entitled  to use every possible simplifications provided for by law in contact with customs authorities. Among them a primary role is played by the National Centralized Clearance, under which we can act for you in customs proceedings throughout the country.