Temporary Storage Warehouse TSL Silesia

A Temporary Storage Warehouse (TSW) is a specially designed facility for storing goods for a specified period, enabling their storage before further movement or unloading.

TSW plays a crucial role in logistics, enabling effective management of goods flow.

The Temporary Storage Warehouse operated by TSL Silesia is located in Sławków, where the main headquarters of TSL Silesia Customs Agency and a transshipment point are also located.

The parameters of the Temporary Storage Warehouse are as follows:

  • Width: 570 cm
  • Length: 1490 cm
  • Height: 420 cm

The entrance gate has a width of 345 cm and a height of 405 cm, while the area in front of the TSW measures 1000 cm x 1700 cm.


The Temporary Storage Warehouse TSL Silesia in Sławków is adapted to store Euro pallets in 4 layers, allowing for approximately 280 pallets to be accommodated. The location of the warehouse between broad gauge tracks (track numbers 223 and 224), where track 224 ends along with the passage road, is a significant element of infrastructure.

Wagon unloading at the Temporary Storage Warehouse mainly involves coal cars due to the lack of a ramp directly at the TSW. Nevertheless, loading and unloading of trucks are possible. The Temporary Storage Warehouse is adequately illuminated and monitored by cameras, enhancing security levels and control over stored goods.

Advantages of the Temporary Storage Warehouse:

1. The Temporary Storage Warehouse allows for the temporary storage of goods for a maximum period of 90 days, ensuring entrepreneurs that their products are properly secured during this time.
2. With the option to store goods in TSW, entrepreneurs have time to complete all formalities, such as completing customs declaration documentation or missing compliance declarations. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays or problems related to the lack of required documentation.
3. The maximum 90-day period is optimal for many entrepreneurs as it provides them with sufficient time to handle all formalities and prepare the goods for further distribution or trade.
4. Storing goods in TSW enables the postponement of actual payment of customs duty until the goods are released from the warehouse for circulation. This can be beneficial for businesses looking to avoid additional costs in the short term.

All these advantages contribute to streamlining logistics and operational processes within the enterprise, providing greater flexibility in warehouse management and goods flow.

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