TSL Silesia Branch in Chorzow provides full service in the field of customs, excise and energy law to the one of the biggest companies in Poland and in the world, involved in production and distribution of the industrial, food and medical gases.

The daily tasks of the branch include: taking care of any necessary matters, formalities and legal acts related with client’s activities in above-mentioned areas.

  • completing WNT and WDT documentation,
  • making Intrastat declarations,
  • drawing up the transport documentation,
  • handling intra-community acquisitions under the excise duty paid precedure,
  • carrying out records required by excise law,
  • making excise declarations,
  • comprehensive preparing and sending of customs declaration,
  • getting the essential permits, certificates, decisions and concessions required by the Excise, Customs and Energy Tax Act,
  • making the necessary registrations,
  • handling SENT notifications.

We develop and update procedures and standards applicable in the field of excise, customs, statistical and concession activities, and we advise and support the client on an ongoing basics in that area.

By dint of gained experience and knowledge as well as work on professional IT systems cooperating with the Polish tax and customs administration, we can offer our clients a full outsourcing of excise, customs and statistical procedures.