Container Transport

As part of our container forwarding service, we offer our customers shipments by both land and sea. We manage a full cycle of intermodal transport - from the place of loading to the final recipient (door-to-door), as well as the terminal-terminal relation. Depending on your needs, we can offer 20'DV, 40'DV or 40'HC containers. We also offer help with the organization of transport requiring reefers, opentopes or tank-containers.

Within our services, we provide:

• preparing the most suitable and efficient transport route

• assistance in choosing a container according to the needs

• booking a slot on a ship or train

• picking container or cargo from the customer by road transport

• container transshipment to the truck, train or ship - depending on the destination

• delivery by truck to the final destination

Containers are becoming more and more popular way of transporting goods. They guarantee the safety of transported cargo and lower transport costs. They are perfect for transport over long distances and in multimodal forwarding. Multimodal transport means using at least two different modes of transport from a place located in one country to a designated destination located in another country. This allows to benefit from opportunities offered by road, sea and rail transport.