Dear Followers,

We hope that during this difficult times you stay safe and sound. We want to assure you that TSL Silesia is constantly on duty, despite dynamic changes of situation. We take care of efficient and timely transport and transshipment of your cargo while complying with all current government and WHO recommendations and ensuring the safety of our employees. Most of ours forwarders from the headquarters in Bytom work remotely, while properly secured branch forwarders coordinate and supervise the handling of your goods in ports and on the border. Also our customs agency introduces any precautions possible to keep safe both agents and truck drivers awaiting customs service. We all do our best to maintain logistics processes undisturbed. For some of our Clients we managed to provide solution for delays of road transport related to cross-borders restrictions by introducing intermodal deliveries. If you find yourself in similar situation, we are here to help you find alternative ways.

We remain at your service and invite you to contact us!