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Due to the entry into force of the new Act of 31st of March 2020 amending the Act on special solutions related to the prevention, counteraction and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them, as well as some other acts, we would like to inform, that the deadlines for existing regulations regarding monitoring of road and rail transport of sensitive goods have changed. This is primarily related to heating fuel regulations which were meant to be applicable from  1st of April 2020. Under the latest legislation, the current regulations will apply until 31st of August 2020.

As for reminder, since 1st of September 2019 there have been major changes in regulations for trading heating fuels (oils for heating purposes) which was related to update of Act on the monitoring systems for the carriage of goods by road and rail from 9th March 2017. The Act established the obligation for every buyer of heating fuel to gain status of “Consuming Oil Entity” confirmed by proper identification number. Lack of COE identification number makes impossible to order fuel. On the other side, any company that sells heating fuel is obligated to gain “ Intermediate Oil Entity” status. No trading of heating oils will be permitted without above statuses. It is important to note, that those regulations applies not only to companies, but also for private individuals and entities not conducting business activity. Furthermore, any transaction within heating fuels trading, regardless of quantity or frequency has to be registered in SENT system.

What needs to be emphasize is that the Act on the monitoring systems for the carriage of goods by road and rail empowers fiscal services in the area of enforcing legal regulations and imposing high fines on enterprises.

According to latest version of the Act, period since 1st of September 2019 until 31st of March 2020 was meant to be transitional period, during which all entities subject to the new regulations should have adapted to current legal requirements.

However, at this point, considering the changes introduced by the Act from 31st of March 2020 caused by the coronavirus outbreak, above term has been extended to 31st of August 2020. It is a good opportunity for all entities involved in trading or carriage of heating fuels to verify procedures used so far in the organization, supplement knowledge and carry out possible corrective actions. Therefore, in response to customer needs, we would like to offer:

  • training on the amended act on the monitoring system for road and rail transport of goods and heating fuels,
  • consultation on current activity related with regulations imposed by the SENT Act
  • audit of compliance with legal requirements of SENT Act as for completed transports, formal activities and prepared documentation,
  • outsourcing of SENT notifications – registration, updating and ongoing monitoring on behalf of the Customer.

We can also provide comprehensive service in SENT field, which includes audit, training suited for company’s needs based on audit results and advisory support in the post-training period.

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