TSL Silesia – Transhipment terminals

We offer a full range of logistics services: international road transport, sea forwarding, container and rail logistics, as well as comprehensive forwarding services, all warehousing operations, cargo insurance and customs clearance.

We provide transhipment and forwarding services at all sea ports of Poland as well as at the railway border crossing points to Ukraine, Republic of Belarus.

1. Sea terminals offered by TSL Silesia – bulk cargo and general cargo

Cargo, that we handle in ports:

Iron ore

Diesel fuel

Steel products


Coal / Coke

Volumes of goods handled by TSL Silesia:

General cargo:

Bulk cargo:

Fertilizers and diesel fuel:

Up to 100 vessels per year

Up to 70 vessels per year

Up to 30 vessels per year

2. Container terminals in sea ports offered by TSL Silesia

We reload containers at terminals as a loading unit in the relation: vessel – truck / wagon or vice versa. We also offer transhipment of the container with unstuffing of the cargo at the terminal in the relation container-yard-vehicle and further distribution of the cargo to the client. Containers are becoming more and more popular way of transporting goods. They guarantee the safety of transported cargo, both under FCL and LCL, and lower transport costs. They are perfect for transport over long distances and in multimodal forwarding.

3. Border transhipment terminals offered by TSL Silesia

Border crossing Malaszewicze – Brest

At terminal in Malaszewicze we organize reload of:

⇨ steel
⇨ coal
⇨ wood chips
⇨ grain
⇨ plywood
⇨ cast iron balls
⇨ fertilizers
⇨ road salt
and more

Border crossing Hrubieszow – Izov:

At the transhipment terminals along the LHS line (Hrubieszów, Wola Baranowska, Szczebrzeszyn, Sławków), we reload: bricks, steel, coal, coke, pellets, iron ore, fertilizers, road salt, etc.

TSL Silesia transhipment point in Slawkow:

At our transhipment point in Sławków (399 km from the border with Ukraine – one of the westernmost point in Poland and Europe where railway gauges of the 1520 mm and 1435 mm meet) we guarantee comprehensive forwarding services including reloading of all kind of goods, terminal services, customs services, transport documents issuing, delivering trucks for loading and unloading from wagons, ordering of the wagons suitable for broad-gauge railway according to customer requirements and expectations with regard to the type, kind and date of loading etc.

Border crossing Medyka – Mościska:

We offer storage, reloading and transport in export and import of container trains, trains with fertilizers, iron ore, machine parts, etc.


  • Comprehensive service at the highest level
  • Attractive rates and terms of cooperation
  • Strict compliance with the requirements, conditions of transport and cargo storage

Two beneficial options of cooperation: 

  • agreement for partial or comprehensive transport/forwarding services – TSL Silesia is directly responsible for reloading and transport of goods, receipt and storage, temporary storage, accounting, customs clearance or others according to customer requirements
  • supervision over the logistics process handled between the exporter/importer and his subcontractor – TSL Silesia is responsible for additional on-site control of the subcontractor’s performance of all obligations towards the Customer at the highest level

For more info, please contact:

Daria Zmurda

Mob. +48 664 787 417