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flag over berlin may 2 1945
21 Jul 2017
Category: newsy
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In spite of the difficulties and additional bans introduced by the Russian Railways, we handle shipping on a wide track in export and import.

We brought another shipment of refractory bricks for ArcelorMittal Refractories and we sent another wagons with Michelin tires to Russia and Kazakhstan.

We hope that the new projects will bring in more and more railways in the near future.

14 Jul 2017
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This time for our client Container Transport Department was in a new role. Our customer ordered the first batch of goods from Brazil that arrived in Gdynia on break bulk cargo ship mv DIMI. Although it is break bulk cargo, the container terminal faced it well with the unloading of the sheet metal in coils. Now just exportation the coils to the customer, and soon another ship - this time from India.

03 Jul 2017
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The road transport department reminds to all partners about changes in ADR regulations.

The application of the new regulations will enter into force on 1 July 2017. You will need among others: use only written instructions, that compatible to the model set out in ADR 2017. In addition: new definitions, responsibilities, safety rules, changes in classifications and lists of dangerous goods.

Transport conditions in Belarus will also change.

Do not hesitate and rely on our experience and knowledge in organizing transportations with new  requirements.