Rail Logistic Departament

Rail Logistics Department located at our headquarters in Bytom coordinates the work performed by the branches in Slawkow, Hrubieszow and Małaszewicze.

Rail transport ensures efficient transport of large quantities of goods, heavy and oversized loads over long distances, which often exceed the ability of trucks and aviation. When using this mode of transport it is important to maximize the possibility of loaded wagon. We increase the efficiency of the transport while reducing its costs.

Within the framework of the logistics chain in the company divisions services we provide the following services:

  • Organization of rail transport in the country and abroad, substitution, taking order for both “S”-1435 mm wide wagons and “W”-1520 mm wide wagons and their dispatch and also taking orders for trucks and dispatch them.
  • Preparing and approval of schemes of loading and secure goods in a wagon.
  • Storage.
  • Wharehousing.
  • Consignment of goods in export, import and transit.
  • Transshipment and loading goods both into the wide gauge wagons “W”-1520 mm and standard gauge wagons “S”-1435 mm and also into the trucks (including liquid materials).